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Tutor and Student match

cruser , February 20 2019, 14:17
cruser 46
February 20 2019, 14:17 #384007
I am wanting to create a questionnaire form that will match the questionnaire results to an article or profile page if that is possible. For example, let's say a student needs help in academics and wants to find a tutor in his/her area. I'd like to have a profile form that he/she can fill out, submit and be instantly shown 4 (or more/less) tutors in their area that can help based on the way the student answered the questions. The tutors will need to fill out the same questionnaire so that potential students can find them based on location and how they also answered the questions. This is in a sense profile matching.

The questions for profile matching need to be single selection (dropdown or radio) and text fields. Perhaps students can even see on a Google map tutors in their area as well.
admin 28
February 27 2019, 19:20 #384231
You can use the form data to control the conditions of a "Read data" action to get the tutors record you like, use shortcodes like {data:location} for example to get the value of the location field and use it in the conditions.
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healyhatman 8
February 27 2019, 21:36 #384239
I got this one Max, going to make them a form showing the results on a map.
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