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Recaptcha not showing with Chronforms5 Wordpress

kenmcmahon , February 18 2019, 22:11
kenmcmahon 27
February 18 2019, 22:11 #383950
I've setup a contact form in Chronoforms 5 on Wordpress. The form is working without recaptcha, but when I add recaptcha it doesn't. The 'I am not a robot' recpatcha checkbox does not appear and when the form is submitted the check recaptcha error message is displayed.
I have the form setup exactly the same as on a different (joomla ) site that works fine. See below screengrab for setup (I got an error when I tried to upload image, so url link).
I have entered site key in the load recaptcha event and selected 'Yes' for SSL server, private key is entered in the check recaptcha.
I'd appreciate some help to get this working soon as client is drowning under a heap or form spam and not impressed!
healyhatman 9
February 19 2019, 10:27 #383963
If it's a simple form, just rebuild it in v6 because the only person able to help you with your v5 query on the forums is away for 2 weeks.
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