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WordPress bug?

Crams , February 13 2019, 19:28
Crams 38
February 13 2019, 19:28 #383867
Found this bug with CFv6 and WP 5
Not sure if it's actually a bug or a misconfiguration by yours truly but this is the deal, when the user is not logged in, the form will throw several php Notices like this:
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$ID in /home/user/public_html/wp-content/plugins/chronoforms6/cegcore2/libs/wordpress/app.php on line 131
Commenting the block of vars assigned to the array seems to solve the problem:
 if(empty($WP_User->data->roles) OR empty($G_User['groups']) OR (array_values($WP_User->data->roles) !== $G_User['groups']) OR empty($G_User['inheritance'])){
$user_session = array();
/* $user_session['id'] = $WP_User->data->ID;
$user_session['name'] = $WP_User->data->user_nicename;
$user_session['username'] = $WP_User->data->user_login;
$user_session['email'] = $WP_User->data->user_email;
$user_session['last_login'] = $WP_User->lastvisitDate;
$user_session['logged_in'] = (int)(bool)$WP_User->data->ID;
$user_session['guest'] = (int)!(bool)$WP_User->data->ID;
$user_session['groups'] = empty($WP_User->roles) ? array('public') : array_values($WP_User->roles);
$user_session['inheritance'] = array();
admin 29
February 19 2019, 18:49 #383979
Hi Crams,
Thank you, that was a bug!
Best regards
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