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How to access signature widget info created in Chronoforms6 inside Chronoconnectivity.

cyberspyder , November 14 2018
cyberspyder 21
November 14 2018 #381512
Hi! I am working on a system in ChronoConnectivity, where ChronoForms6 data can be edited and a PDF exported with the signature from the original ChronoForms6 form. Basically I don't want them to be able to edit the signature. Only change certain data in the form, like if they mess up the email address or whatever.
I have everything working except for the signature. How can I access the signature from the original ChronoForms6? here is the code I'm TRYING to use:
<img src="{var:read_app.App.signature121}" /> Here is the link to the page:
healyhatman 5.1
November 14 2018 #381519
That link doesn't help, it's asking me to log in.
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