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Copy Function Button

Proximate , October 18 2018
Proximate 102
October 18 2018 #380911
It would be nice to have a simple button which creates a 1-1 copy of the actual viewed function.
I had already couple of times the "problem" that i want to create another function with the same logic i already wrote but with elementary changes (so a switch scenario would not work) only way was to re-create the function again...
such a function would also be nice if you "just trying some changes" and if its not working you have a copy to go back / use
healyhatman 6.1
October 19 2018 #380927
It would be nice. In the meantime you can load up the table storing everything (#__chronoconnectivity_connections6 I think), copy the text under "Functions" and paste it into an online JSON editor, copy+paste to your heart's content, paste the text back in and update the record.
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You can now copy+paste code from forums