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Validation not working with elastic

Nebreg , October 17 2018, 01:27
Nebreg 5
October 17 2018, 01:27 #380853
I bought the elastic 1200 day. But when I try to validat, I get this error.
GreyHead 64
October 17 2018, 09:12 #380857
Hi Nebreg,
I think that for the Elastic subscription you need to enter the key directly in the Forms Manager > Validation tab on your site.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Nebreg 5
October 17 2018, 11:47 #380861
Thank you for your reply.
It was the first thing I tried to do but it didn't work. So I tried to get a generated key from

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mauropiro 52
January 02 2019, 14:20 #382512
Try to access and download the necessary packages, so, install it manually.
I thought that Joomla could identify the outdated version of the CF or CC, and request updating it through the 'EXTENSION> MANAGE>
UPDATE' menu, automatically, but it did not happen.

In the end, the manual update solved my problem and the elastic field appeared on the validate screen.
nry22 20
January 31 2019, 16:15 #383498
I just had a similar problem to this - except for a classic subscription, not elastic.
After reading that your manual update to ChronoForms solved this, I realised that it was because of the incorrect XML file telling Joomla to update ChronoConnectivity to version 6.0.8 - even though the latest version is 6.0.7
This update must have undone the update that ChronoForms did! So when I re-installed the latest ChronoForms I was able to validate ChronoConnectivity.
Thought I'd post this in case anyone else is having trouble validating - I've been trying for ages, and hadn't been able to get a response from anyone at ChronoEngine.