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Annoyed Beyond Words

indieben , October 12 at 04:38
Hi, I really appreciate Greyhead's work in the past and I've been using Chronoforms for not for profit work for a very long time. I always promised that I would pay back where I could. The update has made me look like a total idiot when I finally encourage people to pay the subscription - thankfully i've deleted this tutorial but wasted my time recording it.
I use Gantry these days although this should really make no difference as the previous version of Chronforms worked fine. Imagine my annoyance when I installed Chronoforms and I had to activate the module as opposed to the plugin and found that the webform (that was published and available as per the defaults) would not display. The issue, I fear, starts with the inability to actually link a specific form to a menu item - only the standard chronoforms option can be used and no specific form is available in the array of menu item options.
Really cheesed off, I don't mind being proven wrong but I've always had a deep respect for this platform and, until this new update, I knew where I stood. I don't believe that this has anything to do with the Gantry Framework but rather this horrific update - it really is horrible. I no longer have any idea, for example, where I set validation for an Emil address. Whilst I appreciate functionality updates, the fact that this requires totally relearning the Chronoforms system is more than I can handle. This is utterly disrespectful to customers and loyal followers alike. I've almost already talked myself out of bothering with Chronforms in the future. Disgusted.
Hi indieben ,
To set a Menu item linked to a CFV6 form you need to add the form alias in the Menu Item Options tab.
To validate an Email address go to the Validation tab of the input element and set Email to On - I do agree that the switch is a bit hard to see.
I'm afraid that I don't understand the Plug-in / Module problem that you had.
I agree that CFv6 is very different from CFv5, if you prefer then CFV5 is still maintained and you can run them both on the same site.
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You're disgusted that entirely new, more powerful version of software was made that no one is forcing you to use because they still provide and support the old one?
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original poster is wrong
it does not take totally relearning
i studied the demos and some other cf6 backforms from other users
designer system is almost identical with tons of new benefits. bottom line is it is 10xs faster. and you can save your changes inside the form while working on the form.
setup area is a bit different. you have to use model id. php is the same with no php tags required. no need for handle arrays as it is automatic. signature widget is vastly improved and can now handle more than one signature per form
if you want a good working example i posted a double signature to pdf example form a few months ago.
i also posted how to setup gantry 5 menu and module to run cf6 forms.
cf6 is miles ahead of cf5. ferrari vs volkswagen.
so quit crying and spend a little time to learn cf6
you will save tons more time. opening and saving my large forma takes a few seconds compared to minutes for cf5