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Form not found problem, could be purchase validation

anacristy65 , August 30 2018, 00:47
anacristy65 2
August 30 2018, 00:47 #379918
I published a very simple form that I created using the shortcode in Elementor page builder. One form is published the same way, looking good and working. This one doesn't although it is published.
I have to add here that I made a mistake when validating Chronoforms: instead of Chronoforms5, I left it on Chronoforms3, thinking that this question means the number of domains we purchased. Can that cause the problem (I mean, normally is one form allowed in the free version, and if validation didn't pass well...) In the meantime, I tried to re-install Chronoforms, but to no avail. A bit stuck here. I see no possible conflicts, WP is latest version.
GreyHead 65
August 31 2018, 09:33 #379947
Hi anacristy65,
I believe that the WP validation only allows one form with the free version. That would explain why the second form is not showing.
Please use the Contact menu above to ask Max - the owner and developer - to help you with getting the validation to work for your purchase. You can link to this thread to give him the details.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
anacristy65 2
August 31 2018, 09:38 #379949
Thanks, GreyHead, you're the best - as always!