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V4 change height of boxes

eric0925 , August 02 at 23:43
I just recently installed Version 4 on my website, and I am trying to make a new form. The problem is the height of the text boxes, look REALLY big! I have Version 3 on my other website, and it's so easy to change the height, but for some reason nothing I input on this one changes anything. Any help is appreciative!
Here is a link to the form (not much on it yet)
Hi eric0925,
CFv4 is now quite old - if you are installing ChronoForms on a new site please use v6 (or maybe v5).
The height is being set by CSS in your template

​textarea,input,input[type="text"],input[type="password"],input[type="datetime"],input[type="datetime-local"],input[type="date"],input[type="month"],input[type="time"],input[type="week"],input[type="number"],input[type="email"],input[type="url"],input[type="search"],input[type="tel"],input[type="color"] {​
​ . . .​
​ height: 50px;​
​ . . .​
You will need to over-ride this with Custom CSS in your form to make them show smaller.
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