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Joomla, Chronoforms, and bootstrap select

SarikaA , July 24 2018, 06:24
SarikaA 2
July 24 2018, 06:24 #379210
I have form builded by Chronoforms.
In project I use bootstrap select. I think that's all necessary informations.
In form I have two selects. The first one is "unique" and it's working, second one is in multiplierand that's one which is problematic.
For no reason second select isn't changing selected option. I can click on "Choose option field" and see all the options but when I click on any of option, nothing happens. There' is s no error in console and there is no change in code.
Thanks in Advance
GreyHead 64
July 25 2018, 10:09 #379247
Hi SarikaA,
I doubt if the Event selection will work with a element in a multiplier as the name/ID will change. You can probably achieve the selection with custom JavaScript.
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SarikaA 2
July 26 2018, 08:37 #379260
Hi @GreyHead,
healyhatman 7
September 26 2018, 13:22 #380508
The events should work, you just need to name the fields properly.
For example, if you want each row of your repeater to have a checkbox and a text field, and the checkbox hides t he text field, you could name them like this
You should put that as the name AND the id.
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