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Can no longer maximize a minimized section

smartmedconsulting , June 11 2018, 06:49
smartmedconsulting 1
June 11 2018, 06:49 #378231
Today i wanted to edit some forms and noticed that some of my forms have minimized body sections but the maximize button is not showing? Any ideas?
healyhatman 8
June 11 2018, 12:47 #378241
Button is still there in the same place but not displayed. Hover your mouse and you will find it.
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admin 28
June 15 2018, 13:28 #378350
To be fixed in the next update expected this weekend!
Best regards,
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minakara 20
June 16 2018, 17:11 #378380
Me too, i wait the fixed.
Thank you Max.
Best regards,
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minakara 20
June 20 2018, 10:27 #378450
thank you it's ok now.