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form on wp works in the backend but frontend problems

fastmax , April 09 2018, 17:04
fastmax 46
April 09 2018, 17:04 #376849
I am a long time user of chornoform on joomla; now I'm making a form for the first time on wordpress with chronoform v6 and I meet a strange problem: if I do the test from the backend everything is successful, the data is written into the database, the email is sent and the message of thanks is shown . But if I run the test from the frontend of the site (currently not visible because under construction) the data does not reach the database and obviously all subsequent actions can not be performed.
I do not understand where the problem may be ...
fastmax 46
April 11 2018, 19:51 #376957
no idea about it?
GreyHead 64
April 12 2018, 07:44 #376962
Hi fastmax ,
I'm not familiar with CFv6 on WordPress, the description fits the Joomla! problem where the form does not submit because the Action URL is taken from the page URL. In Joomla! the fix is to add the correct Action URL to the Display Section action.
ChronoForms technical support
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alexanders 1
April 12 2018, 20:59 #376990
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I've found Chronoforms to be excellent on Joomla however.
fastmax 46
April 16 2018, 14:13 #377028
sorry, I can not understand well:
where can I find the correct Action URL?
What would the Display Section action be?

I guess you talk about joomla but I do not understand anyway where I can find them
fastmax 46
April 16 2018, 14:18 #377030
I verified that if I deactivate the data saving on database the rest of the functions are all successful, the mail starts and the message is shown ...
The problem at this point is certainly in saving on db, this can help you better understand where the problem might be?
fastmax 46
April 16 2018, 14:34 #377031
inserting the debugger in the "on fail" behavior of the "save on db" action I get this result:
[data] => Array
[created] => 2018-04-16 14:30:10
[user_id] =>
[data] => 25-04-2018
[invitati] => 2
[comune] => firenze
[preferenza-fiori] => nessuna
[preferenza-colori] => nessuna
[tipo-allestimento] => totale
[nome] => Max
[cognome] => Contrucci
[email] =>
[telefono] => 12345567
[orario-contatto] => cena
[privacy] => Acconsento al trattamento dei miei dati

[_error] => Error saving the data.
[log] => Array
[0] => INSERT INTO `exo_chronoengine_chronoforms_data_preventivo-privati-matrimonio` (`created`, `user_id`, `data`, `invitati`, `comune`, `preferenza-fiori`, `preferenza-colori`, `tipo-allestimento`, `nome`, `cognome`, `email`, `telefono`, `orario-contatto`, `privacy`) values ('2018-04-16 14:30:10', '', '25-04-2018', '2', 'firenze', 'nessuna', 'nessuna', 'totale', 'Max', 'Contrucci', '', '12345567', 'cena', 'Acconsento al trattamento dei miei dati');

[var] =>
after which the form is republished with the data to be sent already filled in ...
admin 28
February 19 2019, 18:34 #383976
Does the new update solve this issue ?
Best regards
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