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Is Chronoforms definitely abandoned for WordPress?

entumas 85
April 05 2018, 00:14 #376760

The plugin hasn't been updated for more than 12 months. The new version 6 is more than 7 months old that is not updated and has errors, in addition, this new version not yet uploaded to the official WordPress repository.

What has happened to this great plugin? Are we going to watch him die?

I have tried to contact you by forum and e-mail, and I have not received any response. The support that you had been offering until recently was unbeatable, what happened to that?

I have keys purchased for ChornoForms, do I have to consider looking for a new custom forms plugin for WordPress?
It's something I don't feel like doing, since I've always been delighted with ChronoForms. But I feel confused, I don't see that the plugin advances.

admin 32
April 09 2018, 02:17 #376814
Hi Tumas,
What errors do you have with the Chronoforms release for WP ?
Chronoforms had few updates for Joomla recently but this has not been added to the WordPress yet, we are just waiting to finish few new features before doing that.
Best regards
entumas 85
April 09 2018, 09:54 #376824
As I say in my message, I sent you several e-mails detailing CF6 errors more than 6 months ago, but I did not get any response.

For those reasons I discarded the use of CF6 and I am using CF5, but I don't feel comfortable using a plugin that seems to be abandoned and does not receive updates.

When will CF6 be ready for WP? Can you give me a release date?
I've been waiting for the release of CF6 for months now, but if it does not have to be like that maybe it's better to look for another plugin.
admin 32
May 20 2018, 10:01 #377813
Hello Tumas,
Apologizes for that, the latest WP update for v6 is scheduled for the next few weeks!
Best regards,