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Google Address - API Application Restrictions

U Can Drive , March 14 2018, 02:44
U Can Drive 132
March 14 2018, 02:44 #376097
I have the wonderful new Google Address widget up and working, it is wonderful...

But does anyone know how to set up the API Application Restrictions in Google?
I'm selecting "HTTP referrers (web sites)" and entering my web address surrounded by wildcards ** but then the address bar continues to state something went wrong until I clear the restriction.
Thank you in advance.
H 37
March 14 2018, 09:08 #376099
Not sure for Google Address, but we have to put a trailing slash in the URLs (just before the ending wildcard) with the Google Maps API.
Try this: **
U Can Drive 132
March 15 2018, 02:16 #376121
It was that simple!
Thank you h.i.t.