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TCPDF Stops Generating pdfs After Updates to

tenspiderfingers , March 07 2018, 01:16
tenspiderfingers 23
March 07 2018, 01:16 #375909
After updating to the latest TCPDF library with in Chronoforms v 6.0.17, the output after hitting send returns "TCPDF lib not found". Thus, no pdf is generated. I look into the TCPDF site and a link takes me to TCPDF - PHP PDF Library Download but there is a message announcing the new version is still under development and not ready. Is this the reason why TCPDF stops working after the update?
H 37
March 08 2018, 07:49 #375936
did you install using the chronoforms installer? i Did this and it doesn’t produce an error. You need to install cetcpdf with the Joomla installer instead.
tenspiderfingers 23
March 08 2018, 08:44 #375938
Thanks for the pointer. I missed reading the direction to use the Joomla installer and to have erroneously used the Chronoforms installer. Now it is working as usual.