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Getting an internal server http error

socialbandit , February 27 2018, 18:56
socialbandit 1
February 27 2018, 18:56 #375736
As of yesterday we stopped receiving submissions on our forms. our site is when ever i try ti access any chronoforms options i get an error (see attachment . Sure if our license has expired or its something else. We are running Joomla 3.6.5Screen_Shot_2018-02-27_at_1.54.35_PM.png
admin 28
February 28 2018, 03:48 #375740
Hi socialbandit,
Please go to the Joomla global config and set error reporting to maximum, do you receive an alternative error message ?
This is not a validation problem, but maybe you server config was changed and it does not work well now with your v4 install
Best regards
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