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How to get repeater area fields to appear in an email.

farscape , January 16 2018, 01:47
farscape 124
January 16 2018, 01:47 #374610
I have a form with some repeater areas. When I use the "auto add fields" option, the email contains only the fields NOT in the repeater areas plus the first (row 0) results from the repeater areas. Is there a simple way to get all of the repeater area fields (at least the ones that have data) to be included in the email? I am able to do it "manually" with HTML, but then (1) it doesn't look as nice as the auto add fields results, and (2) for radio and checkbox groups, I get the value instead of the label, which is not as readable.

Any help appreciated.
liamhanks 14
March 01 2018, 19:30 #375788
I am also experiencing this issue. The only repeater rows that appear in the email are row 0 and row 1; anything after that appears in the submit debugger output, but is not included in the email (or in the email debugger). Any assistance would be appreciated.