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A displayer from CF3 to 6

har7801 , December 14 2017, 03:56
har7801 160
December 14 2017, 03:56 #374088

Back in the CF3 days I had a custom code that called a for each of a table to display a link to then access it and move into a CF3 page to edit or view the data then I could re-save the updated date or go back from the viewing.

After many years I am forced to learn this all over agin in 6, and it's all new to me again.

The code I was using was:

<table><?php foreach($form->data['birs'] as $detail):?>
<h4>Fire Report</h4>
<?php echo $detail['incident_name']; ?></div>
<?php echo $detail['IncdDate']; ?></div>
<h5>Reporting Officer:</h5>
<?php echo $detail['reporting_officer']; ?></div>
<td><a href="index.php?option=com_chronoforms&chronoform=FireReport-Display&token=<!--mce:protected %3C%3Fphp%20echo%20%24detail%5B%27id%27%5D%3B%20%3F%3E-->">Select</a></td>
<?php endforeach;?></tbody>

It worked great. Im not even sure when I do a 'Read Data' function I am doing it correct, as whne I save and close the forms manager doesnt show that the form is connected to the table! It did in 3 does it still in 6? My original data collection for does, and this works great with all the functionality I need, its the reviewing and recalling I am stuck with. (Image Attached)

Thanks in advance.
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admin 29
December 30 2017, 10:30 #374302
Hi har7801,

For data listing you better use Connectivity 6 instead, the default installer has some demo connections and you can view the FAQs available in the FAQs section, you would not need to use any PHP code for that.

Happy new year!

Best regards
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har7801 160
December 30 2017, 10:32 #374303

I’ll give it a go.

Happy New Year.