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Good Extension but developer unfriendly licensing

Pixel64 , November 29 2017, 15:25
Pixel64 1
November 29 2017, 15:25 #373848
I wanted to comment on the licensing-process of ChronoForms.

1) I find the process with Keys, Serials etc. cumbersome
2) Unfortunately I cannot use the key during local development, or during testing on a temporary subdomain.

I create my websites usually locally, then do some testing on the clients server on a subdomain and than deploy to the live-server.
With the current model, I would have to finish the entire development in 14 days or buy 3 keys: one for localhost, one for the dev-subdomain and one for the www domain.

It would be nice if a key was at least valid for "localhost" as domain, and if it were at least possible to change the registered (sub)domain
GreyHead 65
November 30 2017, 10:47 #373868
Hi Pixel64,

Max will, on request, change a validation from a development domain to a live one.