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Set fixed locale for e-mail rendering in multi-locale form ?

maddix , November 28 2017

is there a function for a custom code action in v5 that will override the form locale *after* submit so that the field labels in rendered e-mails are always in a fixed locale (which will be different to the local that was used to render the form) ?

i.e. the user fills in the form in their native language from fixed-choice menus and sees the field labels in their own language, but the form needs to be processed by someone who understands another language, so the e-mail they receive should use a different, fixed locale.

Thought that CF5 might have a JLanguage object of its own that I could use setLocale() on ??? ( even though I see that is deprecated by J! team)
Hi Maddix,

I think that you could edit the Email template so that it uses fixed labels and is independent of the language settings.

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