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Data table is empty

Capsprojectos , November 07 2017
Capsprojectos 3
November 07 2017 #373393
I am using Joomla 3.8.2 and the last version of Chronoforms.
And i created one form and after a table, but i can't assign the table to the form. The table was created (i saw on phpmyadmin) but on the Chronoform table is empty on that column.
And i can't submit any data.

admin 26.5
November 08 2017 #373396
Hello Capsprojectos,

The table is selected under a "Save data" action ?

Best regards
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Capsprojectos 3
November 08 2017 #373399
I didn't understand the question but i am sending you: a picture and a video:
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Thanks for all
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Capsprojectos 3
November 09 2017 #373419

Any help?

GreyHead 63.4
November 09 2017 #373441
Hi Capsprojectos ,

To use the table that you have created you have to link to it from a Read Data or Save Data action in the form Setup tab.

ChronoForms technical support
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