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Load Form in Chronoforms V6

wstlau , October 04 2017
Hey there!
Loving the new design for V6, however I am used to the load form event in V5. I want to load a new form after submission of the current form, but want it to be a separate form (not the common Ajax multipage) how would I accomplish this? Am I missing something?
Hi wstlau,

Does the Event Loop action do what you need?

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Great morning!
I'm working with Chronoforms v6, is that the "loop event" action? I don't see how this would accomplish the same task. This seems quite a bit different from v5, I have poured over the manual about three times. I am trying to mimic the "Load form" event from v5 where you could load a consecutive form in the submit action of the current form.

Thanks for your response!
Hi wstlau,

Apologies for the late reply!

Just use the "Display section" action and point to a different section in your form, or use a "Custom code" action and use this shortcode:

Best regards
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