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ChronoForms 6 recaptcha (no captcha) passing the test but showing error: You didn't pass the NoCaptcha verification

coughlin , September 19 2017
reCaptcha verification is passing (green check), but the form is not sent and I get the error: "You didn't pass the NoCaptcha verification."

This is happening on a major, crucial form with a lot of custom work. Obviously, this problem renders it useless, and rebuilding it would take hours. Please help!
Hi coughlin,

The actual ReCaptcha verification doesn't take place until after the form is submitted. Please check the settings by building a minimal test form with just a submit button and the HTML (Render Form) and Load & Check Google NoCaptcha actions. That will allow you to test that the basics are working correctly.

ChronoForms technical support
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