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Pagination not working using DB Multi Record Loader with Joomla 3.7

nlheath , August 01 2017
I recently upgraded a site from Joomla 2.5 to 3.7, and installed Chronoforms 4.0.7 on the upgraded site (2.5 version had CF 4.0.1). One of my pages displays search results using the DB Multi Record Loader, which specifies pagination at the bottom with a limit of 50 records. After the upgrade, clicking on one of the page numbers no longer works. The url previously redirected to the same page with a "start=50" parameter, but now it redirects to index.php. I've compared the old and new settings for the action and can see no difference. I've temporarily removed the pagination option to allow viewing of all results, but would like to change it back once the problem is resolved. Thanks for any suggestions.