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Generate barcode from field in Thank you message or E-mail

abhishekpatil , March 17 2017, 13:05
GreyHead 64
March 18 2017, 18:24 #366028
Hi abhishekpatil,

You can echo it out directly with the first code I added, or save it then show it using an <img> tag like any other image file.

ChronoForms technical support
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abhishekpatil 37
March 19 2017, 04:08 #366033

I get what I want exactly!
Thank you so much.

I just kept your code in on submit event so that it will save barcode on server.
After that added a simple html link of it in another custom code after previous one!

Also now I am able to print it.

The simple HTML code is
<img src='/components/com_chronoforms5/uploads/barcodes/{Input_field}.jpeg?i=1'' />

Now you can mark this topic as Solved!
I will surely come back with new questions and doubts for your brave brain.
Thank you again.