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Chronoforms (joomla) You have entered a wrong verification code!

usinvolved , February 21 2017
I've seen this topic in the forum but none of them had answers.

But I'm pretty sure I know the problem I have.
This functionality was working fine in my test site which was running on CentOS.

Then I put my joomla site in production which is running Ubuntu. Unfortunately the Ubuntu server has minimal installation which meant it was bare bones and needed packages/libraries have to be installed (apt-get install....)

So the problem I have here is that I'm most likely missing a library at linux and/or php level. Can you tell me what libraries does the Captcha functionality rely on so I can install whatever the missing libraries are.
Hi usinvolved,

It's is more likely that the form is badly set up. There are no library dependencies that I know of.

Please take a Form Backup using the icon in the Forms Manager, post it here and I'll take a closer look.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Actually the issue is resolved now.
The production server was having a problem with email not working (ip address was blacklisted).

Once that got fixed the form started working and wouldn't get the "wrong verification code" error for the captcha anymore.

So a good fyi for anyone else with this problem. In the forum I see this issue a lot and most of times no one knows why. Seems like the error handling for the forms success is not catching all the exceptions and defaulting to captcha problem