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Amy site map

NinaB , January 29 2017, 15:17
NinaB 99
January 29 2017, 15:17 #364667

I get the following 404 error when I try to publish an amy sitemap

"Beklager, men vi kan ikke finde den ønskede side!

Du har spurgt efter,137/prevent_duplicate_titles,1/variant,list/view,html/, men selv om vore computere har arbejdet hårdt, kunne vi ikke finde siden."

Part of the text is my Danish 404 page. Anyway, I hope that you can see the error in between the Danish text.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Nina Balslev
healyhatman 9
November 21 2018, 10:10 #381668
No idea, you should probably ask the Aimy Sitemap people? Maybe?
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