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Error HTTP 500 when navigating to Chronoforms in backend

mazerw , January 18 2017, 13:09
mazerw 1
January 18 2017, 13:09 #364322
I'm not sure when this error started.
I've been using Chronoforms for ages.
I upgraded to Joomla 3.0 about a year ago, and converted everything, and all worked fine.
The site uses various chronoform pages, which all still work.
I have not been into the chronoforms builder (backend) in a long time.

I just tried now. So, I can navigate around ALL the backend joomla components
but when I try to click into Components -> chronoforms
ie http://mydomain/administrator/index.php?option=com_chronoforms

Ie get:
The mydomaine page isn’t working

I have the site secured with 'admin tools' by Akeeba, but it's only the chronoforms that I can't navigate to?

Any ideas?

admin 29
January 18 2017, 13:50 #364324
Hi Marek,

If you have Chronoforms v4 then please install the latest update OVER yours.

Best regards,
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Did you try the new ChronoForms7 ? if yes then please send us your comments!!
huit8 3
March 28 2018, 18:46 #376526
Im having the same issue on v6 :/ im doing a dropdown with state and cities and i cant access now :/
GreyHead 64
March 29 2018, 08:21 #376536
Hi huit8,
What error message do you see exactly?
If you set Site Error Reporting temporarily to Maximum what message do you see then?
ChronoForms technical support
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