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Making minor changes in the CSS via Filezilla and notepad++

NinaB , July 28 2016, 11:30
NinaB 99
July 28 2016, 11:30 #360938

When I make minor changes in the CSS or other coding of my Joomla template I go via Filezilla. Anyhow, I have a strange problem related to the fact that I nearly always are directed to the built-in notebook/notepad (I do not remember whether it is called notebook or notepad) when I ask to make changes via Filezilla.

Before I got my new computer with windows 10 I had the possibility to choose between the already installed notebook, or the notepad++ when I made changes via Filezilla. With windows 10 on my computer I am nearly always directed to the built-in notebook. In rare cases I am directed to notepad++. I have tried to go to the settings of Filezilla to see, if there was someway to changes it without any luck.

Does anyone in this forum know how I again can be able to choose between the built-in notebook or the notepad++, when I make changes via Filezilla?

Thanks and best regards

Nina Balslev
GreyHead 64
July 28 2016, 13:22 #360940
Hi Nina,

If you find a .css file in Windows Explorer and right click you should be able to set the default programme for editing that kind of file.


PS I use Sublime Text 3 which is a text editor with built in FTP.
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