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Recent attacks on the Chronoengine website

sozzled , July 05 2016, 19:49
sozzled 40
July 05 2016, 19:49 #360506
@GreyHead: I'm sorry to hear that this site as been subjected to a recent spate of malware injections. Further, I'm also sorry to hear that Max has kind of left you holding the fort.

Even though you've were successful with the last attack, you should be aware of another item that's lurking within the HTML on this site. The following image is a screenshot of the source code for Please look at line 106 (the area highlighted in the following image).


Although the highlighted element is not a source of contagious malware, it is the intention of whoever put it there to boost certain keywords for a product that's unrelated to the business of this website. I just thought you should be made aware of it, that's all.
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GreyHead 64
July 06 2016, 08:16 #360513
Hi sozzled,

Thanks - I've confirmed that is in the template index.php file but I'm no longer able to edit it so have passed the message on to Max. He was in touch with his web-hosts yesterday and I suspect that the tightened permissions are a result of that.

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