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repeated IPN arrivals

t3living , April 11 2016
I have PPPro installed and am very familiar with PP/ipn process. I have a PP redirect and an ipn event which stores the transaction into a db. My issue is that I keep receiving ipn notifications, about 1/hour for the last 12 hours. two questions.

1). why? and how do I stop them?
2). is there a way to fail gracefully in the ipn-on verified, let's say the db save fails for some reason, can the ipn close properly?
Hi t3living,

The IPN notices are normally triggered by PayPal. Is that happening here, or is something else triggering the form event? If it is
PayPal you would need to check with them.

You can use the On Fail of the DB Save, or an Event Switcher to check and handle save results.

ChronoForms technical support
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