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Paid service for bug-fixing - PayPal Redirect from mobile

enzo.orsi , January 30 2016, 18:34
enzo.orsi 159
January 30 2016, 18:34 #356127
since long time, I am trying to fix a problem with PayPal Redirect event from mobile device.
I have a really simple form (please find in the attachment):
1. PayPal Redirect (working perfectly both from mobile and from PC)
2. PayPal Listener with inside a debug email for Valid, Invalid and Error events (working perfectly from PC, but from mobile is always going inside Invalid)

It seems that something is not working in the handshaking between CF Listener and PayPal. I already contacted PayPal several times, but they told it is a problem in CF.
I checked the debug and:
- TRANSACTION_SUBJECT is filled equal to ITEM_NAME in mobile debug, while it is empty in PC debug
- AUTH is not present at all in mobile debug
All the rest seems to be pretty the same.

I will give a tip anyone will help me to solve this problem.

Other tests on the bug could be find out here:
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