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Dynamic Form to Email

IamJim , December 28 2015, 15:34
IamJim 18
December 28 2015, 15:34 #354971
Skills required AJAX-PHP-MySQL

Not for the faint of heart or the Rookie Chrono-Head please either. And would like it completed this week, and taking estimates

1) I have a database and will be using 1 table from it. It contains 19 Fields

The main fields of interest will equal either 8 or 9 of them

2) Needing to have a form created and dynamically populate based on END USER selection, the following in this order

Please see attached Image for similar example please,

Select Field State > (It then populates a COUNT(*) and displays as well as will generate CheckBox Array of "County" and Display to the right in (count) and then, drill down again to a City view (with count)

3) it then will compile from Database a generated CSV file for export

There are a few more small details, but figured i'd better get this this is a good start.


GreyHead 65
December 28 2015, 15:50 #354974
Hi Jim,

The image didn't make it :-(

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
IamJim 18
December 28 2015, 15:57 #354977
Image 1, Thx and where did that spam mail reply come from? lol, looks like you x-nayed it.

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