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Complex Form with Dynamic Content and Paypal Processing Required

sealeyr , October 22 2015, 12:39
sealeyr 19
October 22 2015, 12:39 #352722
Hi there,

Knowing my limitations, I have decided that I need to pay someone to create a complex form for me.
The form would start of by simply requesting the user to enter their contact details and the details of the event they are orgainsing (no worries there).

Next they would be required to select which 'base package' they want to purchase (there are probably no more than 4).
On selecting the base package, the user would be shown details of that package and any appropriate options.
Each base package has its own price, and it's own set of "options" available. Each option has a cost.
Most of the options are simple select options, but one option requires the user to enter the number of additional hours (and there's a cost per hour). The form should calculate and display to the user, the running total as the package and options are selected / deselected.
Next there should be a box for the user to enter a promotion code which would have already coded in to the form, and would have a value to be deducted from the overall price. (there may be half a dozen promo codes and associated values)

There should be a "tick here to accept the terms and conditions", and there should be the option for the user to click to read the terms and conditions.

Validation should make sure that all the appropriate fields have been completed, and then the form should give the user the option to pay the deposit, or pay the full amount. Payment processing should be via the PayPal gateway (I only have paypal standard business).

All details should be held in a database table, so that (separate piece of work) if a user has paid their deposit, the form could be recalled and give the user the option to pay the outstanding balance.

Seems easy when I write it down like that.

I'm looking for someone who can code this form for me at a reasonable cost, and in a short timescale. Slightly off topic, but if chronoforms is not the best way for me to do this, suggestions greatly appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in doing this for me.

deligence 4
October 26 2015, 08:30 #352804
Dear Rob,

We are interested and available for this requirement. Please contact me at info [at]
Thanks & Regards,

Sanjay Kumar | CEO & Sales Manager

Deligence Technologies - your web partner
E: sanjay [at]
Skype/Google Hangout: sanjay.deligence
IamJim 18
December 26 2015, 15:57 #354916
Hi Rob and happy holiday season as well.

Did you ever get this taken care of? As I also have a few projects and wondering as no reply to the diligence fellow