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csv export

hjvandenberg1956 , October 17 2015, 10:21
hjvandenberg1956 2
October 17 2015, 10:21 #352582

I'm new here, but I implemented the beautyful cf in my website. (
I have a problem with the actions CSV-Export and the display message.(see attachement)
in this case when I fill in the form there is no thanks message shown after submit.
What is going wrong?

Erik van den berg.
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GreyHead 65
October 17 2015, 10:52 #352587
Hi Erik,

First - do you need a CSV Export with one record in it for each form submission, in my experience that's often of limited use? Adding them to a Google Spreadsheet might be more practically useful.

I think that the problem may be that you have the CSV Export set to immediate download, in that case ChronoForms loses control when the download is called and can't display the message. One solution is to save the file to the server and incldue a download link in the Display Message HTML.

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hjvandenberg1956 2
October 17 2015, 13:01 #352591
Hello Bob,

Thanks for your fast and clear answer.
But... when I add Google Spreadsheet then I need to have a Google-account.
Is there no way to download this automaticaly in a Excel-sheet? Or do i handle it manual.

GreyHead 65
October 17 2015, 13:37 #352592
Hi hjvandenberg1956,

What do you actually need to do with this?

If you save the form results to a database table then you can build a little form to download a more useful batch of records that you can import into Excel. Of course you can import single exported records but it's bit messy to have to do that.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much