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basic template adjustments on Chronoforms- TCPDF output

MaestroC , September 30 2015, 01:28
MaestroC 73
September 30 2015, 01:28 #352117
I have a form already completed as an output to a CF TCPDF item. I need some changes made to the master template that apparently cannot be made in the normal editor window. Examples of the desired PDF are included as attachments here. There are two sets. One is the current way the forms look.

The second set shows the way we need the forms to look. The final product must have the blue border as shown which is the primary problem I have had doing it myself. Due to the way TCPDF seems to render the pages I cannot get that border to appear without also having the header and footer text.

I had to obfuscate the text at the clients request. If you are interviewed you will get to see the real forms.

Please reply with any questions or estimates. Thank you!
1st page.png
1st page.png
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GreyHead 65
September 30 2015, 08:02 #352123
Hi MaestroC,

The implemetation of TCPDF in the ChronoForms action is fairly basic. I've never really tried but I imagine that you could use a Custom Code action to write directly to the TCPDF library and use all of the formatting options that way. (If you have the TCPDF action installed then the library will be available to you.)

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much