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inquiry form

keianrad , August 22 2015, 01:44
keianrad 2
August 22 2015, 01:44 #350854
I need to a make a inquiry form that fill out by client and get inquiry number then will replied by adviser.

How it works:
Form fill out by a client as quest or registered user on website.
if a client as quest fill out the form, he register automatic by submitting the inquiry form that a notification will send email to quest for access to the submitted form.

Client can access to the form after login and send new inquiry or edit old inquiries by. client can send only two inquires and if they want to send more inquires, must be closed the previous inquires.

then after send the inquiry, Super User will check the received inquiries and assign to a special user as adviser who is member of special group such as Manager(Joomla group). Adviser should read and send best answer to user (user will inform by email that the inquiry has been answered).
some other information except answer must be saved while adviser submit the answer:
    who replied: name of adviser
    when replied: date of sending answer

client must login and read the answer and inform us that answer was helpful or no by choosing a radio box.

after send answer, adviser should follow up the user until getting final result all information related of follow up such as
    Follower name:
    Follow date,
    Follow Result,
    next follow date,

these task should be shown in task of each adviser.

only super user must access to all records.
GreyHead 65
August 22 2015, 09:12 #350861
Hi keianrad,

I don't see a question here?

Yes, you can do this with ChronoForms and ChronoConenctivity (to show lists of inquiries).

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
keianrad 2
August 23 2015, 23:33 #350903
Hi Bob,
I have explained about the procedure that I need. I am not a php programmer so I could do all of these.
At present, I have made the forms and custom views in ChronoConnectivity only and i couldn't do to making relations between data.

I need a professional to do that.
GreyHead 65
August 24 2015, 09:57 #350914
Hi keianrad,

I have moved this topic to the Professional Paid Services forum as I think that is what you are looking for.

If you PM me with a full spec for what you need I will have a look for you.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
atanunu 80
August 28 2015, 18:30 #351214
I will be willing to do this for you. Send me a Private Message or contact me via email