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Basic CF and CC survey/edit form completion

MaestroC , August 04 2015, 18:20
MaestroC 73
August 04 2015, 18:20 #350198
I have a lengthy survey form created in Chronoforms V5. I also have the output of that form created with the TCPDF plugin for Chronoforms. These are the only two parts of the project completed so far. I need additional features added to the project as listed below. I realize this is a fairly simple set of tasks for someone experienced with CC/CF but I need to offload some work.

Clients will access the survey form by a special URL that will autofill the hidden field of coachID. They will fill out the survey and submit the data, saving it to the DB and sending an email with a PDF of responses to the assigned coach.

I have already completed those items. I just need someone to connect things so that the coach can then go in and do the following:

1) Once a client has filled out and submitted the survey the assigned coach will log into the site and select from a list of their client's submissions. They will then be able to pull up a copy of a client's responses. The coach will then be able to add their own comments to a notes section for each of the 9 parts of the survey. The notes section will have two parts, a public comment section (able to be seen by the client) and a private comment section (able to be seen only by the coach).

2) The edited survey, along with the coach's notes will need to be able to be printed/emailed as a PDF with copies going to both the client and the coach.

3) As mentioned, using Chronoconnectivity a listing should be available to the coach listing all of their client's survey submissions.

Please respond with an estimated time to complete these tasks. This is a flat fee job with a modest budget. Milestone payments can be set up for each of the steps above if desired.