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4 Form Project with Data Display Pages

biggroovy , July 22 2015, 20:08
biggroovy 1
July 22 2015, 20:08 #349747
I have a 4 form project that I need done asap. The project consists of an Entry Form which will direct to an appointment screen (Joomla Component). The user will then select one of 3 forms depending on there family situation. These forms have questions that will give the user a score. Then depending on that score it will send the data to one of 3 lists. The Entry Form is relatively easy, the three other forms are somewhat large. I have most of the job done in another component however I need more functionality which I believe chronoforms will give me. I can send samples of the forms and links to the current project to any serious developers.
deligence 4
August 17 2015, 09:17 #350587

Is this project still open? If ye, please send me the sample forms at sanjay [at]
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