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So, it was the Israeli Zionists behind all my problems!

For everyone who read about the problems I have been having the last few years, the zionist criminals are behind that, they have loyal groups around the world whom they use to hit innocenets, they do not like GOOD JUST people who can create bridges and make peace, specifically those who are religious, Muslims or Christians, And this is because the zionists are here to devide and destroy!

My life has been miserable, and they tried to make me think it's the French, the Italians, the Canadians, the Turkish, the Egyptians, the Germans, the Russians, the Malaysians, the Chrinese, the Japanese, they even used some American decoy, but it was them, the dirty zionists!

How do they play this ? Using cause and effect, they hit me while giving a logical reason related to one of the groups above, the reason is fake of course, but it took me a long time to understand this, almost 10 years, it's very difficult to think straight when someone is emotionally disturbed!

These criminals possess the following technologies:

  1. They create fake dreams, and can make in sleep interrogations and information extraction!
  2. They can disturb memory and play with the neurotransmitters' balance during sleep, you wake up the next day feeling horrible for no reason, trying to remember something happy gives no emotions at all!
  3. They use the cell phones to capture your brain waves and analyze it to know how do you feel and what you are thinking about (Google Glass was doing something similar)

They have been using these techniques against me for years to break me down while trying to make me suspect any of the groups above based on the situation, making me live in sadness and depression alone, they denied me friends and they destroyed all my relationships, and recently they started to torture me and tried to make me commit suicide in HongKong.

I do not believe a lot of people know this info, please share it, for the sake of God, for the sake of humanity!


How to create a responsive contact form

Published: Wednesday, 18 October 2017 04:35

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your first contact form using Chronoforms6 for either Joomla or WordPress.

If you have not installed Chronoforms6 already, please download and install it.


Download and install both the Chronoforms6 component and the plugin.


Download and install the Chronoforms6 plugin.

In the Chronoforms6 forms manager, Click New > Easy form

Now enter your form title, let's call our form "Contact Form"

Click the Designer tab to open it, this is where your form interface can be customized, choose which form fields you want to have, drag any of the form fields on the left side to the section panel on the right side, you can have as many fields as you want.

Click the blue cog icon to open the field settings and configure it, open few fields and change the field label or make it a required field.

You can also drag a "Multi fields" area to right section box, then drag more fields (or any of your existing fields using the yellow sort icon ) inside in order to have a multi field line.

You will need to have at least one button in your form, drag a button element to the right side section.

Do you already have your form HTML code ?

If you have an existing form and you just want to use it in Chronoform6s then this is possible, drag an HTML element then open the settings area and paste your HTML code inside, you may also need have the CSS code associated with your HTML form placed inside a CSS element.

Sending emails using your contact form

Click the "Setup" tab to open it, this is where you customize what your form is supposed to do after the button is clicked and the form is submitted.

In order to send an email, click the first "Email" tab on the left side to open the email settings, then on the right side, click the "Enabled" switch to turn on this email, enter your email address inside the "Recipients list" box, and enter your email "Subject".

Your email will contain all the form fields data if the "Auto add fields data" setting is enabled, you may also disable it and create your own custom email template using the fields shortcodes, capture any field value using {data:field_name} where "field_name" is the Name of your field under the "Designer" tab.

In most cases you would need to display a confirmation message to the user after the form is sent, click the "Message" tab on the left to open the message settings and add your own message in the "Content" box.

Click "Apply" or "Save" at the top left corner.

Congratulations, You have just built your first contact form using Chronoforms6

You can test your form in the admin area of your website using the "Preview" button at the top right corner.

You may also turn on/off the form debugger under Setup > Debugger to display some helpful information about the form setup actions.