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How can I add a time picker to CFv5?

Published: Sunday, 15 March 2015 16:29

A client wanted a time-picker in a CFv5 form. The ChronoForms v5 date-picker doesn't have this built in, but you can use the jQuery datepicker instead and add a time-picker to that.

For this form I used Trent Richardson's jQuery Timepicker Addon available here on GitHub. You will need to download the package and find the jquery-ui-timepicker-addon.js file in the dist folder. 

You can use the mimimised version if you prefer; there are also CSS and language files that may be useful but aren't covered in this FAQ. 

Upload the file to the /components/com_chronoforms5/extras/tr_timepicker folder on your site - you may need to create this and you should copy the Joomla! index.html file into any new folders.

You will also need to 'up-grade' the jQuery UI file as the one Joomla! uses doesn't seem to support the DatePicker. I use the excellent jQueryEasy extension which cleans up duplicates copies of jQuery and allows you to control the version used.

In your form add a Text Box element and give it a suitable name and id e.g. date_time. 

In the form On Load event add a Load JS action and add code like this to the JS Code box:

$jdoc = \JFactory::getDocument();

jQuery(document).ready(function (jQ) {
  jQ( '#date_time' ).datetimepicker({
    timeFormat: 'hh:mm tt',
    minDate: 0,
    minTime: '11:00 am',
    hour: 20,
    minute: 0,
    stepMinute: 15,
Replace date_time with the ID of your Text Box element if it is different and check/edit the option settings for the time-picker. 
Save and test your form. You should see a time-picker looking something like this.