How do I use the email GPG encryption?

Published: Monday, 17 March 2014 16:14

This FAQ is from a forum post by User ericv who worked out what needs to be done to get the GPG encryption to work.

A couple of things that need to be done. GPG needs to be installed on the server and Crypt_GPG needs to be installed as well. Without these it won't work.

In the email.php file under administrator/components/com_chronoforms/form_actions/email you need to add:

require_once 'Crypt/GPG.php'; 

Make sure you set the path to wherever your GPG.php file is installed. Without this require_once the check for the class fails and it never even tries to encrypt.

Next you need to install the public key onto the server. If you have cpanel then you should be able to do it in cpanel under GPG Keys. You'll need to generate a key on your front end mail system that you will use. (I am using Thunderbird with Enigmail installed).

Once you have that public key installed on your server, you need the ID of that key. You DO NOT NEED THE KEY ITSELF in the Email action. Just need the Key ID. Should look something like this B459BA3B.

So when you are in the actions in the email then under Encryption for the secret key you put in the key ID. But it has to be installed on the server.

Your email client should hold the private key and that is what decodes the email after it arrives.

Hope this helps anyone that is trying to send encrypted emails with Chronoforms.

Please see this forum post for some bug fixes.