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Why can't I see my form?

Published: Sunday, 16 February 2014 11:44

If you are new to ChronoForms and start using the Form Wizard sometimes all you can see when you view your form is is the ChronoForms strap-line, or maybe an empty page. Here's the answer.

If you are using the "Form wizard" and you can't see the form fields when trying to test your form, then you might have missed dragging the "Show HTML" action to the "on Load" event under the "Events" tab in the form wizard.

Please also see the tutorial video 'A First Form' in this FAQ

ChronoForms v5

The solution is very similar, you need to drag a n HTML (Render Form) action into the On Load event on the Setup tab. 

Another common issue which we have noticed is that some templates CSS files include a CSS rule to hide the form, the rule is usually specified by: .chronoform{......}