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How can I attach uploaded files to an email?

Published: Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00
ChronoForms does not link uploaded files to emails automatically. You need to add the input names of the file upload elements to the Attachments Fields Name box in the Email action.
This lets you choose if files are attached or not. For example, if you are uploading very large files you probably don't want to attach them - including a link is more useful; you also don't need to attach files to 'thank you' email sent back to the form user.
If you have more than one file then you can enter a comma separated list of file input names (with no spaces between name).

If you need to attach 'static' files from your site that are not uploaded from you form please see my custom {rokbox text=|Email [GH] action| size=|1000,600| }{/rokbox}.