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Why is there JavaScript code in the Email field?

Published: Monday, 23 June 2014 14:22

If you are receiving a JavaScript chunk of code after a failed validation in the Email address field in your form, then you probably have the Joomla! Email Cloaking Plug-in enabled and it is trying to cloak the sample e-mail in the ChronoForms validation message.

Disable the plug-in temporarily to check this is the problem. If you need the Email Cloaking plug-in then change the plug-ins order so that Email Cloaking runs before ChronoForms.

NB These are Joomla! plug-ins that you manage from Site Admin | Extensions | Plug-in Manager

To change the order of the plug-ins in the Joomla! Plug-in Manager set the filters at the top right to 'Content' and 'Enabled' and then use the up and down arrows or the boxes in the Order column to change the plug-in order. If you use the boxes click the small 'disk' icon in the header to save the new order.