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What are the 'Easy Form' and 'Form' Wizards?

Published: Friday, 23 May 2014 08:55
ChronoForms has two Form Wizards that make it easy to build forms using combinations of Form Elements, Events and Actions. 
Both Wizards have a Preview Box that allows you to drag in Form Elements - used to build the Form HTML.
The Easy Form Wizard has a pre-defined set of Events and Actions that cover the most common form actions both when the Form is loaded and when it is submitted. The Easy Form Wizard shows these in a series of tabs. The Easy Form Wizard is recommended for new ChronoForms users or users who only need the 'standard' form functionality. 
The Form Wizard - also called the Advanced Wizard or the default Wizard - uses a drag and drop interface to allow you to build your own combinations of Events and Actions. Once you are used to the way ChronoForms works this is usually the easiest way to build forms and is recommended for web and form developers.

You can switch a form from the Easy Form Wizard to the Form Wizard using a setting on the form General tab - click the form name link in the Forms Manager to open the tab. (You can also switch back again but you may lose edits made in the Form Wizard if you do.)

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