One of the best Joomla forums extensions, simple to use and feature rich:

  1. Categories -> Forums -> Topics -> Posts structure.
  2. Lock/Stick topics or set forums announcements.
  3. Topics tagging and advanced search by relevance.
  4. Posts reporting and topics manual activation by admins.
  5. Posts attachments.
  6. Favorites list.
  7. Featured topics list.
  8. Users voting and a reputation system.
  9. Private messages.
  10. Auto replies.
  11. Global and distinct forums permissions.
  12. BBCode and WYSIWYG editors.
  13. Quick reply feature.
  14. Extended new topic form fields.
  15. Users profiles and ranking system.
  16. Topics subscriptions.
  17. Notification emails.
  18. Themes/Styles support (only 1 is provided).
  19. Strong moderation tools (mods can drop spammers and/or their topics/posts with 1 click).
  20. Reply to posts directly by email (IMAP required)
  21. Bootstrap theme support.
  22. Simple data migration tool for phpBB bridged forums & Kunena forums to ChronoForums.
  23. Multi language support, currently we have the following ones: Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portugese and Swedish, thanks for our users!
  24. And more.....

J2.5 - J3.x V2 ChronoForums V2 J2.5 - J3 Component 06-02-2017 15:35 Component

The latest, requires PHP 5.5 or later


J2.5 - J3.x V1 ChronoForums V1 J2.5 - J3 Component 22-07-2016 20:02 Component

If you are upgrading from V1 (before 2 February 2014) to V1.1 then please make sure you have a backup of the "attachments", "avatars" and "locales" folders before installing, the folders are under this path:
If you don't do so then all previous attachments files, avatars or any language changes will be LOST!


J2.5 - J3.x V1 ChronoForums Latest Posts Module 04-05-2014 10:21 Module


ChronoForms Book

The ChronoForms Book, written for ChronoForms v3 contains 350 pages of invaluable ChronoForms How-tos hints and tips.

Note: many of the ideas can be used in ChronoForms v4 but the admin interface is very different and code examples may need to be modified.


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