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Build forms of any kind

More than 1 million websites are using ChronoForms for contact, payment and all different kinds of forms.


Responsive forms
Forms are responsive and display well on every device.
Drag & Drop designer
Easily design your form using the drag and drop interface and preview how your form looks like before saving the changes.
Multi Page forms
Extend your form over multiple pages or multiple tabs/steps for a better user experience.
Calendar field
Easily accept most date and time formats using the Calendar field, connect multiple calendars to get date ranges and/or start/ending dates.
All fields types
All form fields types are available, text, textarea, password, radios, checkboxes and dropdowns, with many advanced features like AutoCompletion and auto resizing.
Layout customizations
Group your fields together in one row or divide a specific area into multiple columns, you have full control over how the form is structured.
Full customization
Use custom HTML, CSS or JavaScript code in your form, you can also use PHP code.
Conditional logic
Run conditional actions when specific events occur, for example you can show/hide/disable fields when a button is clicked or a choice is made.
PayPal support
Redirect to PayPal, use PayPal pro and process PayPal IPN response.
Database connection
Read, Add, Update or delete data from one or more database tables, and connect to external database.
Export data
Export data into CSV format
Upload and attach files
Easily upload and attach files to emails, select which extensions can be uploaded and control the maximum file size.
Send emails
Send any number of emails, encrypt the emails data if necessary (encryption requires server software), advanced email layout support, customize the email recipients, subject, from data and set CC and BCC addresses.
Full Permissions control
Control who can access each piece of your form, you can even have permissions control applied per field.
Multi language support
Translate and render your form in different languages based on your active website language.
Signature pad
Accept digital signatures on your form
Create PDF files
You can create custom PDF files and attach them to emails, and customize the PDF file contents to your liking.
Google Address/Map
Add a Google address field to load full address from Google or Display a Google map on your form.
Fields validation
Easily set any field as required and/or apply other validation rules or custom ones.
Full spam protection
Add Google reCaptcha for increased anti spam protection, or apply other security measurements to protect yourself against the spamming bots.
Connect your form to other services using the CURL action, connect easily to services like payment gateways, mailchimp, acymailing and more.
Logic actions
Switch data or loop data sets using the PHP, switch and Loop actions.
Joomla integration
Add new user to your Joomla website, activate existing users or login users to the website, you may also insert new articles.
API and Shortcodes
Use the rich and easy to use api to capture and use request data and actions results any where in your form, this gives you endless customization possibilities.
Multi platform ready
Whether you are building forms in Joomla or WordPress, you can use Chronoforms on both platforms, and if you decide to migrate from one platform to another, then your existing forms should work as normal.
2Checkout payments
Integrate 2Checkout payments in your form, accept payments and process response passed by the gateway easily.
Popup forms
Load your form in a popup when the page is loaded or after specific time or when an element is clicked.
Fields repeaters
Easily create fields duplicators to let users add more info.
Data browsing and statistics
Easily view, order and export the stored form submissions, you can also view per field statistics.
Zapier webhook
Connect to Zapier using the Zapier webhook action and expose your form data to more that 700 of different services.
Semantic UI
Chronoforms uses the Semantic UI framework, selectively add any of the semantic modules and widgets to your form.