Chronoforms v6.0.6 & v6.0.7 updates



  • Many small improvements and fixes.
  • Improved wizard experience, you can now drag new elements to exactly where you want them to land in the designer.
  • Chart element, feed the element with data to create nice looking bar charts.
  • Google Address field: auto completing address field which can supply the different address components to other form fields.
  • 2Checkout Payments gateway integration: accept payments on your form using the 2Checkout payment gateway.
  • HoneyPot security test, the simple and quick form spam protection.
  • Textarea auto expansion feature, when user types, the textarea auto expands instead of displaying scroll bars for better user experience.
  • New chart statistics feature in the stored data view, you can now view statistics per field when you view the table data.
  • New wizard events and area minimizing feature, minimize events and sections to save space.
  • Zapier service integration.
  • Multi element and multi value support in fields events, you can now target multiple elements in one field, and you can reference multiple values.
  • Easily load your form into a popup which can be triggered on different events, popups can be triggered using a click on a form element, on page load, after some time or after a specific scroll distance.

Chronoforms v6.0.5 update



  • Many improvements and fixes.
  • New Signature pad widget.
  • New wysiwyg editor support for textarea.
  • New load state hidden/disabled for fields.
  • Email layout designer.
  • Uploaded files names can be dynamically changed.
  • curl support for Google reCaptcha.
  • New fields events: AJAX Reload and Function calls.
  • Dropdowns/Checkboxes/Radios will have their selected option label value included in the email using the auto setting.

Chronoforms v6 is ready


We are pleased to announce the release of Chronoforms v6, The new version has more features and an easier to use interface, it also gives you more flexibility and control over the form layout and processing.

It's available for download for free in the downloads section.

ChronoConnectivity v6 is ready


We are pleased to announce to the release of ChronoConnectivity v6, create and manage database data with extreme flexibility, read/update/delete data from any number of tables, one to one and one to many relations support, You can also search or sort the data to your liking, filter the data displayed, and export it easily to CSV.

You can also configure your app to upload or download files, and send emails.

Build forms quickly using the built in easy to use form builder.

Control the layout of your app using the different view units available, ChronoConnectivity 6 is using the Semantic UI framework.

ChronoForms V5 is out

We are pleased to announce the release of the new ChronoForms V5, almost at the 7th anniversary of ChronoForms, the new version has more capabilities, easier interface and a much stronger code base, it can be installed with V4 on the same system, and is Joomla 2.5/3.x ready.

ChronoContact is out

We have decided to release a new simple forms builder to meet all our users demands, the new extension interface is very simple and innovative, it does the main tasks of a contact script, and is using our new advanced PHP framework to achieve the best performance and stay platform independent.
In order to be able to run this new extension, your server should meet these requirements:
PDO & PDO MySQL extensions enabled in PHP
Almost all servers today can meet these requirements, unless they are outdated.
Pay attention not to install this new extension with Chronoforms V3, it will overwrite the files since they are both using the same extension code name "com_chronocontact".
Happy forms building :)

Chronoforms is Joomla 3.0 ready!

We are proud to announce the new release of Chronoforms for Joomla 3.0, it's available for free download on the "Downloads" page, please don't hesitate to let us know about any issues you may find.
Download is available here

ChronoForums is here!

A simple and easy to use forums extension for Joomla!
The main features are:
  1. Categories -> Forums -> Topics -> Posts structure.
  2. Lock/Stick topics or set forums announcements.
  3. Posts reporting and topics manual activation by admins.
  4. Posts attachments.
  5. Global and distinct forums permissions.

ChronoConnectivity V4 is out


We are proud to announce the release of ChronoConnectivity V4.0, the new version is a complete remake of the old one, almost all the code has been rewritten. The result is a stronger; more modular and easier to use data manager for all Joomla users. We hope that you will like it, and look forward to hear your comments on our forums.

Download from here

ChronoConnectivity V4 requires Chronoforms V4 RC3.2 or later installed.

The main features of the new release are:

  1. Multi Database tables support.
  2. Admin area or frontend data listing support.
  3. Support for all CRUD operations on 1 or more tables, plus supporting basic features like pagination, search, sorting, data filtering...etc.
  4. Full users groups access permissions configuration.
  5. Tasks Control support using the Chronoforms Events-Actions system*.
  6. Auto or Custom data listing to save your time.
  7. SEO url support with the basic Joomla SEF support.
*With the Task Control feature, you can control when will any CRUD action will be executed, for example:
  • You want the user to confirm something before deleting a record.
  • Send an email when a record is updated.
Doing any type of processing before running any of the CRUD operations is possible using the Chronoforms-ChronoConnectivity combination.
Please let us know your thoughts on our forums.

Getting started

In order to create a 1st basic connection, you should:

#1- Enter connection name.
#2- Select a db table.
#3- Navigate to the "Admin list settings" tab and enter few table columns names in the "List View Fields" box.
#4- Go to the "Admin permissions" tab and set the "List Permissions" to "Super users" (or whatever group you have).

Now you can save the connection and display the table data through the "Admin list" link, for adding/editing you will need to connect a Chronoform to your connection, but your form's App should be set to "ChronoConnectivity", you can find the form App setting under the form's "Edit" page.


What is ChronoForms?


ChronoForms is a Joomla Component that helps Joomla/Mambo users publish forms to a website in minutes, not in HOURS.

A custom form in three quick steps :

  1. Create your form html with any HTML editor (e.g: Dreamweaver, NVU, etc).
  2. Copy the resulting HTML code from your HTML editor.
  3. Paste the code into your ChronoForms 'Form Manager' in the backend, choose your settings and save.
However you still have a big list of powerful options to add to your form, most of them within seconds, here is a full list :

Powerful customization features

  • Ability to use Javascript and CSS styles code in the form.
  • Using PHP code in the form body or when submitted to do some serverside action like saving data or checking some thing.
  • Drag and Drop form creation wizard for quick forms creation with no need for any other HTML tools! good solution for those on rush for a simple form or newbies!
  • Setup as many emails as you need using a drag and drop board.
  • Each email can have any number of TO recipients and any number of CC/BCC recipients.
  • Each Email have a full dynamic set of fields,what the user write can change your email recipient and subject!
  • Ability to setup an Auto Responder!
  • Full control over the email(s) template(s) sent, yes, you can get candy emails created using WYSIWYG editor!
  • You can Redirect users after submission to a thank you page OR a login page or another website...etc.
  • Define the Submit URL if you are interested, useful for forms migrated from other applications to Joomla CMS.
  • Store all your submitted data and view it very easily.
  • Ability to View/delete stored data and ability to backup form results into XLS or CSV formats viewable on MS Excel!
  • Ability to create DB tables and connect to any table to save or update its records, we can connect to the content table for example and let the submissions become website content!
  • Include file upload fields in your form and have it attached/uploaded and add constraints on files uploaded (like max and min size and type).
  • Add Captcha imageverification to your form to protect you from Spam.
  • Very easy,Quick and Cool looking to setup Javascript fields validation!
  • Easy to add Server side validation for those who care for full form security!
  • Easy integration with payment systems like PayPal, or!
  • Plugins support for converting your form to a Joomla registration form or integrating it with Community builder too!
  • DEBUG option for checking the form workflow!
  • Limit form submissions per second per user session, useful for protecting yourself from 2 submit button clicks!
And we are trying to add more! Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by