ChronoForms v5 Change log

You can upgrade to the latest ChronoForms v5 by downloading the latest installer from the downloads page, after that install the component using the Joomla extensions manager as usual, do NOT uninstall a previous version or you will lose your existing forms.

CF v5.0.13/14 - 30 Dec 2016

  • The primary change in these releases was to update the PHPMailer library included in CF to the latest versions following major security alerts.
  • Added menu-item parameter 'cf_mp' to allow the menu item to be identified when the same form is called from different menu items 
  • Fixed bug in select element data loader
  • Fixed bug in loading of semantic-ui CSS files
  • Added some options for 'passive data' in DB Save
  • Added Update Server settings to CEGCore XML file
  • Fixed bug in Joomla! Plugin action in reading Joomla! parameters
  • Fixed bug in reading event labels
  • Updated install validation code

CF v5.0.12 - 22 Jul 2016

  • Added new Action - Set Error
  • Added new Action - User Logged In
  • Fixed bug on Designer > Events tab

CegCore library:

  • Updated domain function in url.php to detect server port 443

CF v5.0.11

. . .

CF v5.0.5

  • Several fixes and improvements.
  • Chronoforms now has 18 demo forms covering all the basic features and many advanced ones.
  • Google NoCaptcha actions.
  • New area for fields events.
  • DB Read tables relations.

CF v5.0.1

  • Multiple fixes and improvements.
  • Chronoforms now has 15 demo forms covering all the basic features and many advanced ones.
  • New diagnostics feature in the setup section to help you find out any missing/bad configuration quickly.
  • newJoomla Article & Form Load actions.
  • Progress bar widget.
  • External database support for both the db read & save.
  • RTL CSS support, new labels styles.

CF v5 RC6

  • Fixes and improvements to different features including the CSV backup action, the Client validtaion action, Fields validation and date picker.
  • Meta tagger action.
  • Google sheets save action.
  • Honeypot anti spam action.
  • Email encryption feature.

CF v5 RC5

  • Some bug fixes and improvements, added a new feature to clone designer elements.
  • action.
  • Joomla plugins action.

CF v5 RC4

  • Many small fixes and improvements, including tooltips, new fields events, new required labels signs and many more, you must do this update.
  • New ReCaptcha & Security question actions and fields.
  • New install action feature in the admin area.
  • Tight layout mode added for forms.
  • Joomla registration action added.
  • File download action.
  • New demo forms included.

CF v5 RC3

  • Multiple fixes and improvements, this update is important.
  • New Datepicker field.
  • New Multiple column feature in containers.
  • Multi page action.
  • PayPal actions (Redirect, Listener/IPN, PDT and Pro).
  • CURL action.
  • Help link to the FAQs page in the action settings to help find more info about the action/element.
  • Form app and description added.
  • Debugger action added.
  • XLS export action.
  • AJAX submit feature.

ChronoForms Book

The ChronoForms Book, written for ChronoForms v3 contains 350 pages of invaluable ChronoForms How-tos hints and tips.

Note: many of the ideas can be used in ChronoForms v4 but the admin interface is very different and code examples may need to be modified.


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